There are several ways to recruit any candidate. Normally, we advertised the demand in the daily newspapers and we have a big data base of employees when we notified by the employee, search in our data base. Majority of peoples are sent their I mail, on our web site http://www.qureshico.com

Our process of recruitment is based on significantly, a refunded and scientific approach, which differs from others in the field. It has been always our endeavor to offer available talents to our employers after careful scrutiny from all angles.

  • To recruit, test screen and select qualified workers of overseas employment, selection criteria shall be based on qualifications and experiences required by the principal/clients.
  • To secure and process all necessary papers, clearances, exit permits, passports and medical, physical examination, X-Ray, health caring deeds and instruments from any governments department.
  • We will feel pleasure of welcome our valued Principals/Candidate‚Äôs authorized representative/delegation to sign the employment contracts with each worker after primary test and selection made by us. In case, the principal/clients does not send any principal/clients, delegation/representative for the final selection of the workers, QBM will be fully authorized to carry out the test and selection on behalf of its principal/clients for their esteem organization.

We always emphasize on capability and competencies, of personnel in their respective trader and have all necessary arrangements to achieve this object; even physical fitness of the worker is ascertained through special medical examination.